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F22 Military JetLoye Keesee, The owner & founder of Government Resource Package Products, LLC started her business in 2001 with the assistance of a friend who had the knowledge & experience of all military packaging specifications.  In time she grew into a very knowledgeable & dependable business owner.  Loye started out by making sure her products were sent out on time, quality correct, and customer service and delivery service was the best we could provide.  As time and knowledge grew, she grew the business into an efficient, well run organization, retaining all customers with a pleasant atmosphere and quality product. miltary shipWe offer contract and Military Spec packaging, Export Packaging.  We will work with you for all of your needs for specialty boxes, standard and special packaging design: both Standard & Military Spec. We can accommodate any size box for all your shipping and packing needs. We offer all Military Spec Packaging Materials, including Anti-Static Wraps and Cushioning Materials, Fire Retardant Materials, Corrugated Packaging Boxes and sheets, Foam inserts, as well as standard Packaging Materials. Army Tank Contact us today to see how we can meet all of your packaging needs.
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